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Commonly used in industrial wastes, copper and aluminum in decorative building materials wastes, domestic waste treatment, solid waste solution, raw material solution in precious metal production and processing, second-hand recovery of copper, aluminum and zinc from waste automobile fragments, recovery of waste electrical appliances, removal of aluminum rings and bottlenecks from pressed glass slag and other important copper and aluminum recovery industries   

제품 원리와 이점

Product principle:The metal is induced by an electromagnetic inductor, then separated by a high-pressure spray valve.

Product advantages:
1. It is suitable for sorting various metal and nonmetal materials, different metals, scrap steel tailings and electronic wastes.
2. The requirements for sorted materials are relatively loose, and even materials below 20mm can be sorted.
3. Save labor cost, start with one button, and operate after training.
4. Equipped with self-developed electromagnetic induction valves, the equipment is evenly distributed, which makes the metal separation purity higher.

사례 공유

고객 배경:
One of our customers from Latvia who specialized in recycling construction waste materials, and the materials often sold to other company at low price because other metals mixed. By chance, the customer learned our machine could effectively separate different metals, his was shocked, and decided to learn more about our machine. During the Canton Fair, he visited our factory in Jiangsu Province as well as tested the machine on the spot. The separated result was pleased the customer, finally he order a set metal separator from our company.

고객 자료:

copper, iron, aluminum and stainless steel

구리, 철, 알루미늄 및 스테인리스 스틸

plastic, glass, wood, clay, foam, silica gel, rubber, etc

플라스틱, 유리, 목재, 점토, 폼, 실리카겔, 고무 등

고객 요구:

Keep the metal and remove plastics, glass, wood, clay, foam, silica gel, rubber, etc.

고객에게 추천하는 제품

Metal separator

금속 분리기

Metal separator

금속 분리기

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At the same time, our engineer was dispatched to install the machine in Latvia, and the machine works well. As we expected, the price of pure metal is increased to several thousands per ton. Separating metal and nonmetal, which is one of main features of our metal sorting machine. Meeting customer’s requirements, making solutions and creating higher profit for client are our pursuit. Welcome all the customers around the world to visit Haibao.

After sorting

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